Internet Marketing

With the advent of the digital era and the rapid rise in the internet marketing practice, INFOCOM IT focuses on providing its clients with quality and result-oriented internet marketing services.

We offer various online marketing services inclusive of both on-page and off-page optimization services. We bring to use our years of experience in the online domain and work towards enhancing the online presence of our clients.

Our online marketing services help businesses to spread news about their services and products through the ever-expanding online medium. We believe in the strength of the Internet and bring to use our expertise in website promotion. We help businesses achieve increased and relevant user traffic and a higher conversion ratio through effective online marketing strategies and tactics.

We offer multi-level online marketing service inclusive of competitive analysis, website analysis with SEO perspective, Social media perspective and on-page optimization perspective as well.

Some of our prime online marketing services include:

Search Engine Optimization
Social Media Optimization
PPC Management

With the internet growing by each passing day, there is rise in competition for the online businesses. Search engine marketing is the solution for businesses to get a competitive edge over their counterparts and make the most of the contemporary forms of online marketing strategy.

Search engine marketing is the process of utilizing the many facets of online paid advertising and helping businesses to reach greater avenues of profit and higher sales lead generation through paid forms of online marketing.

Pay per Click or PPC ad campaigns is one of the most common search engine marketing practices in use. Other forms of search engine marketing or profit-based search engine practices include email marketing, banner advertising and other forms of online ad campaigns.

At INFOCOM IT, we employ the latest search engine marketing techniques to aid our clients in achieving better positioning of their products and services and improved user traffic inflow both in terms of quality and quantity.

Search Engine Optimization is the process of optimization of a website in order to achieve higher ranking on the search engines and driving quantitative and qualitative traffic to the website and increase its sales conversion ratio as well.

INFOCOM IThas a dedicated team of SEO professional and online marketing experts who offer SEO consultancy for client sites, website analysis, competitor analysis as well as website optimization strategy development and implementation to ensure high ranking for client sites.

At INFOCOM ITWe offer standard SEO services which focus on achieving high ranking for sites on the major search engines. We offer only effective and directional SEO services which offer well-researched keyword analysis and keyword promotion. This is supplemented with directory submission service to a large number of online directories which are both qualitative and high ranking.

  • Keyword research
  • Link Building
  • SEO-friendly website consultancy
  • On page Optimization
  • Website submission and tracking
  • Traffic analysis
  • Report Generation
  • SEO copywriting

INFOCOM ITunderstands the increasing relevance of social media and its implications on the current online marketing scenario. We have a dedicated team for pure social media optimization as a part of our Internet Marketing services.

We bring to use expert services of technical writers, multimedia experts and link builders for creating and strategically maintaining business presence for our clients on various high ranking and popular social networking sites.

We have special, dedicated social media optimization team for separate clients to ensure quality and regular entry of posts, data, information and relevant updates on the social media accounts on popular social networks like Twitter, Face book, Friend Feed, LinkedIn, Flicker, YouTube and others.

We also provide social media optimization services on your website which help to optimize your website. We offer social networking profiles, regular blog posts, news and others for site optimization. We promote your business online by becoming a part of the community and engaging your potential and loyal customers at the same time.

We also work on a host of social bookmarking sites including digg,, stumbleupon, reddit, clipmarks, newsvine etc.

There has been a rising competition in the online domain with businesses turning to the Internet. In the race for gaining online presence in this competitive scenario, businesses are employing newer and better ways of online marketing.

Pay per Click or PPC is a form of Paid Search advertising which helps websites in gaining better search engine positioning. Websites use third party websites to post sell their ads for promoting their businesses for better visibility and higher clicks for increasing relevant user traffic.

Another form of PPC is run by Google on its search engine result pages. (SERPs) enable businesses to gain more user traffic and helps websites in gaining additional user traffic through paid search. A well-planned and result-oriented PPC campaign is always fruitful in earning higher ROI (return on investment) for online businesses.

At INFOCOM IT, we bring to use the expert services of SEO professionals and highly qualified SEO writers in achieving higher results through business-oriented keywords. We depend our PPC campaign on our extensive research and comparative analysis of the immediate market for gaining exposure in an industry.